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Lean Planning and Execution

Many companies today are stydying and implementing Lean Manufacturing and many are using ERP systems.  I often hear people say "we are not going to use ERP any more ... we are going lean".  For years this statement troubled me ... I knew the statement was not correct, but did not know how to articulate the answer.  Shoud we use ERP or Lean or both?  The answer is BOTH ... and the reason centers on the difference between:


Planning is all about S&OP, order management, shcheduling, material planning, capacity planning, inventory control, purchasing, accounting, and other related business information related areas.  Execution is all about product flow, setup reduction, small lot sizes, perfect quality, 5S, productive maintenance, and many other aspects of waste elimination.

So we teach companies how to make Lean (execution) and ERP (planning) work together to shape an extremely high performance business.

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