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Education Workshops

Click on the buttons in the left margin to get a standard  outline for each of the workshops listed. We are very particular about working with our clients to tailor the  outline and class length to accomplish your learning objectives.

Plus, we can put together custom workshops on a wide variety of topics including performance measurement, budgeting, one-page business planning, inventory record accuracy, and setup reduction to name a few.

Our workshops are designed to provide the client with an interactive learning experience where we all learn from each other.

The primary deliverable is an action plan or who is going to do what moving forward.  The education process is much more beneficial when there is a strong bias for action.

I personally conduct all of our workshops … so you have access to all of my experience.

All of our workshops are available “in-house” and some are available publically.  Click on the buttons below to get more details.
2022 Public Schedule

None currently planned.

Please contact me if you would like an in-house workshop.