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S&OP Articles & Presentations
Sales and Operations Planning Overview
Sales and Operations On the Same Page?  Here's How!
10 Steps to Successful S&OP
Connecting S&OP With the Shop Floor - Here's How!
S&OP - A Case Study
IBF Journal of Business Forecasting
(this is a big file ... please be patient)
8-4-3-1 Approach to Successful S&OP
On-Time Shipment Performance

Lean Planning - Execution Articles & Presentations

What Does My Golf Game Have To Do With ERP?
The Future of ERP and Manufacturing Management
Making ERP Work In a Lean Manufacturing Environment
Six Ways to Make Your Lean Operation More Lean

Should We Use Lean or ERP or Both?  Here's The Answer!
The Daily Production Meeting - Doing It Lean!
Back to Basics:  The Key to Future Performance